Client Testimonials

Real Estate Agent Toronto client testimonials - 5 Star Service Rating - Great reviews = happy clients


Client Testimonials

Real Estate Agent Toronto client testimonials - 5 Star Service Rating - Great reviews = happy clients

Testimonials - See what my past clients are saying 

Conrad is an amazing real estate agent!

"We have been searching for a while for a property that best suited our growing family’s needs. When we found Conrad, he sent us listings that were perfectly tailored to our needs. The process of finding a place was short and painless.  When we found the property that we were interested in, Conrad was extremely present and helpful in assisting us in viewing the property, answering any questions that we had and eventually closing on the property.  We were amazed at how seamless the process went thanks to Conrad’s professionalism and expertise.
He kept us very informed throughout every stage of our search (application process, closing on the property). He was always available to respond to any inquiries that we had as well as provide clarification on any information that was unclear, which is important when you intend to invest your hard earned income on a property.
I would highly recommend Conrad as he is very knowledgeable, attentive to individual needs, takes the time to understand what you are looking for, extremely professional and very approachable. What made the process even more pleasant was that it felt as though he was always advocating for us, providing sound advice and information but at no point did we feel pressured into making a decision. We would highly recommend Conrad’s real estate services."

- Cread & Annica Charles

Would Absolutely Use Conrad Again in the Future

"Conrad was pleasant, responsive and professional. We found exactly the place we wanted and it was in no small part due to Conrad's quick responsiveness to our requests. Conrad managed the process from finding a place to finishing our lease agreement and a made it all very easy for us. We love our new apartment and would absolutely use Conrad again in the future."
- Graeme

Highly Recommended and a True Professional

"As a student fresh out of grad school, I needed to find a new home to rent in Toronto in order to get settled for my new job. It was a hectic time for me personally, as I was just 2 weeks from my start date. Enlisting Conrad’s help was the best decision I made. He got to work immediately and was a true professional throughout the entire process. From providing listings, setting up visits to finalizing the documentation process. Conrad made sure no detail was missed and made the transition as painless and smooth as possible. I would definitely contact Conrad again and highly recommend him! "
- Danny Q.


"Conrad was very professional, friendly and easy to work with. I've worked with real estate agents before and I can easily say that this has been the best experience. Conrad found a bunch of great listings in our area that met our requirements and was very accommodating and efficient in setting up viewings to help my roommate and I find the perfect condo. The online documents and lease signing were especially convenient and made things very quick and easy! I would definitely recommend Conrad to anyone looking to work with a real estate agent."

- Ray & Kaitlyn


“I have known several real estate agents through friends and references. In my opinion, I would certainly rate Conrad Rygier top on that list. Conrad had earlier represented us on our rental property. This was our second transaction, and from our earlier experience working with him, he was again the obvious choice as our real estate agent. This time we were first time home buyers. Conrad is an absolute professional, very polite and extremely knowledgeable. He was always there to address our questions and concerns. During our several house visits, he would very thoroughly point out and articulate every single detail about the property and the potential deal that one needs to be aware before making a decision. The quality of advice and his eye-for-detail are only testimony to his years of experience in this field. We felt comfortable with his no-nonsense, practical approach that outlined our options and allowed us to make the most sensible choices in how to deal with everything from details to consider, price points, negotiations and finally the close of our house. We are happy to have an amazing realtor who is now also an equally credible friend. It has been a pleasure working with you. You have truly gone above and beyond and it really means so much to us. I want to take this moment to thank you for your time and effort. Conrad is the answer when buying or selling a home, and we would not hesitate to recommend him to everyone we know.”

- Xavier M.


"Conrad knows his stuff, grew up in this business. We've worked with Conrad since late 2010. We've purchased a house, and later rented out an apartment with his help. He was always professional, and able to answer our questions - often with good insight.  We were and are picky when it comes to buying a house (not cheap!!), and eventually found a place in the dead of winter. It was valuable to have Conrad guide us through the lengthy process. Yes, we would recommend him and do business with him again."

- Zoe C.


"I was moving across the province by myself for school and was having a very hard time finding a place to rent in Toronto. Conrad helped me a lot by finding appropriate units and setting up multiple viewings on one day. Three weeks later, I had the keys to my new home and I am so happy with my choice. Without Conrad's patient expertise, I would still be worried and struggling with my move. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who feels anxious about moving to the city."

- Alex

Trustworthy, Reliable, Patient & Professional

"My husband and I relocated from Dublin, Ireland to Toronto in September 2013. This was quite a stressful move for us particularly the daunting prospect of finding a new home in a new city we knew very little about.  We enlisted Conrad’s services and his calm and patient nature immediately eased this burden for us. Shortly after arriving in the City, Conrad organised multiple viewings for us and at all times he was very mindful of what we were seeking in our new home and was very thorough in his choices. He is an extremely courteous and helpful person and from a professional view point, we always had the sense that he was giving our search his undivided attention. My husband and I were delighted to be handed the keys to our new home only 6 days after arriving in Toronto and we have Conrad to thank for that. We wholeheartedly recommend Conrad and we wish him continued success."

- Julie & Richard


"We were a couple new to Toronto and found it hard to find accommodation when we arrived. After meeting Conrad, he showed us several properties in various locations relevant to our budget and within 2 weeks we had moved into a condo that we love for its location and amenities. Conrad is very genuine but most of all efficient and always felt he took the time with us until we found exactly what we were looking for. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is thinking of buying/selling or renting."

- Chris


"Conrad was extremely professional and helpful in helping us find the perfect apartment to rent in the downtown core. He worked hard to find us the perfect place that was within our set budget and even provided other alternatives that he knew we would be interested in. He was patient and very flexible working with us, which made the whole process much less stressful! I would highly recommend Conrad to anyone looking to buy or rent as he treats all of his clients with the utmost respect. Thanks Conrad!"

- Matt & Matt


"Conrad helped me find my first dream condo. I had just started a new job in the city, and when my planned accommodation fell through, I quickly had to find a new place to live. I found Conrad’s website and, impressed with the information it provided, I decided to contact him. That weekend he set up viewings at various condo buildings, and he was extremely patient as he took me and my entire support crew from viewing to viewing. As someone that was moving to the city from the country, and renting for the first time, I had a lot of apprehension and anxiety. But Conrad helped me through the entire process. I felt like I could trust him, which was very important to me.
I ended up with a rental that was perfect — floor to ceiling windows, and a stunning view of the lake. I had my dream apartment for over two years. One year into my lease my condo changed ownership and I experienced trouble with the new landlord. Guess who was there to help me? Conrad. Now that’s what I call providing service that is above and beyond expectation.
Now that I’m living back in the country again, I will always have fond memories of that gem that Conrad helped me find. If I ever move back to the city, I will definitely contact Conrad again."

- Cheryl


"Conrad was very helpful in helping me find a condo downtown. He made it very easy and very fast process. He was very willing to help in any way he could - which eliminated the stress and hassle. In no time at all I found the exact condo I wanted, thanks to Conrad."

- Katelyn


"Conrad helped us to find a home; he is patient, available and reliable. He has a wide knowledge of the real estate business and a great sense of humour!"

- Mario & Etienne


"I was looking for a condo apartment and as anyone else, I too had my own unique points of consideration about the location and the type of condo that I was looking for. To be very honest, with my requirements, I wasn’t expecting the house hunt to be so easy; and for that I have to thank Conrad Rygier. As a client, what I very much admired about Conrad was that he is very honest about his feedback of the unit, and always helped me in understanding all the pros and the cons before I could make a decision. Throughout the search period, there was never a sign of any pressure from his side for you to decide; Conrad was more willing than I was, to come back again the next day to show more places to choose from. I noticed that he would never show a unit, that had an element that I did not want. (for instance, I did not want an open kitchen concept, and in all the subsequent units we visited he never showed a unit that had an open kitchen - and as you know, these days most places have an open kitchen concept). Conrad was very polite and was approachable and was always willing to help with my questions.  His services were top grade and very professional. As a client I would certainly recommend him for your realty services."

- Xavier


"We were in the Market for a great new home. The fact that Conrad has so much experience, is professional, efficient and reliable, made him the right choice for us. He had our best interest at heart by offering insight about the pros and cons of some of the houses that we considered. Personally, the fact that he's a longtime vegan was a definite bonus for me. Definitely recommended."

- Zoe


"This is the first time I signed a lease in Canada. I was short of time and I needed to find a place quickly. Conrad was very professional and helped me close the deal in a quick and effective way. He was quick to reply to e-mails even after normal business hours. After signing the lease, he still answers any questions that I have. A great professional."

- Ali


"Last spring, my family moved to Toronto from 4000 km away. I knew very little about the area. For two months, my infant and I navigated the neighbourhoods of Toronto while my husband was busy at his new job. It was exhausting, confusing, and very time consuming. Then I decided to ask for help and called Conrad Rygier.
On the very first day, we saw six condos and made an offer on one. When it didn’t work out, Conrad happily continued to show me more condos. Maybe 25 in total? He never changed his patient demeanour, even though at each condo, he had to wait for me to take my baby out of the car seat and put her back in. When the offer was accepted on our condo, Conrad did all the paperwork. We just showed up and signed everything. He made the process almost effortless. I highly recommend Conrad Rygier to anyone looking for a condo. He knows the area, and he is honest, patient, friendly, and extremely organized."

- Christy


"Professional, efficient and knowledgeable, Conrad helped me search for a new condo. He also took the time to answer many questions at all hours. Would recommend to any prospective buyer, as I plan to use his services for my next purchase.

- Aaron F.


"As a first-time renter, I was a little nervous and had no idea what to expect. Conrad guided me through the entire process and was extremely patient. He made me feel comfortable, and never pressured me into making a decision. A true professional! "

- Meiyen


"Conrad was a pleasure to work with and very professional in his approach. He listened carefully to our wishes, making our interests his priority. Throughout the research and buying process, he demonstrated a commitment to providing excellent service - reliable, organized, and extremely helpful. His supportive guidance ensured an enjoyable experience and a successful outcome. We highly recommend Conrad."

- Susan & Gerry

Really Impressed

"Conrad helped us find our first rental in Toronto’s West End. Having found Conrad’s website online, we were really impressed with how fast and efficient Conrad was with answering our questions via e-mail. We were also impressed at how quickly he was able to accommodate our schedules and accompany us when viewing the condo we wanted. What we really appreciated from Conrad was his willingness to explain the components of the rental process. He took the time to explain what was required and what the next steps would be. Conrad also kept us updated on what was happening with our offers, facilitated our questions and appointments with the owner, and was professional and informative throughout the whole process. We definitely recommend Conrad to anyone who is thinking of renting or buying/selling."

- Emily & Jordan


"Conrad was a tremendous help in our search for a rental condo in downtown Toronto. He was very patient with us as we looked at several different locations, and I was impressed by how flexible he was to fit last-minute viewings into his schedule. He took the stress out of the search and made sure to educate us along the way on how we can improve our chances of finding and getting our desired place. I would definitely recommend Conrad to any renters who are overwhelmed by the rental search process."

- Mai




Very Helpful

"Conrad was very helpful in helping me to find a condo rental within a very short notice. At the beginning I wasn't even sure if my timeline is possible, but everything has changed after I contacted him. He was able to schedule the viewing of the places I liked within two days and I had the keys in my hands just 5 days after contacting him. Conrad has answered every single question I had during the process and was very diligent. I would certainly use his services again when I'm looking for my new home."
- Ruslan

Making renting simple

"I am a recent graduate who received a job offer in Toronto a few days before I was leaving for a month vacation. This meant I would need to find a place overseas, in a new city -- quite a stressful time. I contacted Conrad after reading many positive views and couldn't be happier with the professional and quick service he provided. He made finding a place in Toronto a breeze -- easy to get a hold of despite a 7 hour time difference between us and even worked on his vacation so that we could secure a unit! Highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for someone to represent your best interests and find exactly what you're looking for. Thank you Conrad! Looking forward to continue working with you in the future."

- Rabih

Extremely responsive

"It was my first time looking for an apartment in Toronto, and Conrad was very helpful. He was extremely responsive and did a great job of explaining the rental process to us. We’re very happy with our apartment. Highly recommended!"

- Philip




Yelp - Conrad Rygier

Yelp - Conrad Rygier

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Yelp - By The Park Realty Inc.